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Our story

The fireline is a cleared strip of land which acts as a fire break between farmland and forest.  It was along such a fireline near the Grampians National Park that hosted our very first beehives and hence the name, Fireline Honey Co.

Big brand honey labels often blend low grade or imported honey with Australian quality honey to reduce consumers prices.  Erasing links to origins and making it difficult to verify where an "Australian" honey comes from or its contents.  Fireline Honey Co focus on the natural honey flow cycle to produce a single flower, high quality honey which can vary season to season.  Our extraction processes are all natural and ensures the extraction of raw honey does not destroy the honey's natural enzymes and structure.  Which ensures each jar mirrors the honey as found in the hive.  Taste difference.  Try our selection and you decide.


Our honey

Hive direct honey from Victoria.  We focus on the unique flavour profiles each flowering species, the micro climates they belong to and the old school natural beehive management techniques used for centuries by our beekeepers.  We ensure low impact on the natural environment and work hard to produce the highest quality, unadulterated, Australian only raw honey.


our mission